Jewish Jewelry for Men


When you are shopping for Jewish jewelry for men, you have a lot of different options to choose from. Many of the best pieces of Jewish jewelry are designed for wear by men, making it easy for you to find the perfect gift for any occasion. Choosing beautiful jewelry that represents a man’s religion is a great way to give them a timeless gift that will speak volumes about who they are as a person and their respect and appreciation for the Jewish faith. There are plenty of pieces to choose from, and you can find something for just about every man in your life.

Sterling Silver Bracelet

The most common gift when it comes to Jewish jewelry for men is the Star of David. This can be put on a chain, and is available in many different styles and designs. You can find Stars on gold chains, silver chains, leather rope, and more. Read More »

Diamond Toe Rings – Treating Your Feet Like the Royalty They Are


Your feet do a lot for you each and every day. Even when you don`t think about what they`re doing for you, they`re slaving away trying to keep you standing, balanced, moving, or demanding. Since most of us stuff these poor hard workers away in hideous shoes throughout the day, don`t you think it would be a good thing to let them breathe once and awhile? Why not add some jewelry while you`re at it just to make sure they feel appreciated? Let`s let diamond toe rings be the special treat our feet have been looking forward to.

Diamond Toe Ring

Even though feet may be in contact with the ground during the day, that does not mean that they are an ugly part of the human body. Quite opposite is the true in fact. With a good pedicure and a nice pair of shoes to highlight your feet, you can make them one of the starring attractions on your body. Read More »

Beaded Anklets – What Shoes Work Well with Them?


Wearing beaded anklets can change the way you look for the better, assuming you have the right shoes on to accentuate the jewelry. While there are a lot of shoes that anklets can work well with, there are also many that do not help at all. If you want to get the most out of the foot jewelry you buy, you need to have the shoes to accompany the look. Here are a few tips that can allow you to get the most out of the anklets you buy.

Nice Beaded Anklet

While this may be somewhat obvious, boots will not work well with beaded anklets. Either the anklets will look odd sitting over the boots, or the boots will cover them altogether. Bulky tennis shoes can provide the same problem though. If you wear sneaker a lot, you may want to consider getting some small, thin ones to wear with the anklet. Read More »

Fashion Hoop Earrings Are Fun


What do people think about when they think about fashion? It is possible that they think about expensive clothes. It is also quite possible that they think about shopping at their favorite stores. They might also think of models walking down the fashion runways of Paris and Milan. Moreover, they could think about their favorite fashion designers such as Vera Wang, Zac Posen, and Michael Kors. It would seem to be the case that after people thought about fashion that they could think about jewelry. This is because fashion and jewelry go together. Moreover, fashions of all sorts are accessorized with many types of jewelry such as rings, necklaces, and earrings. In fact, wearing fashion hoop earrings is fun. Let’s discuss the history of earrings.

Fashion hoop earrings

It might be interesting to know that ear piercing is the oldest form of body modification. There have been both written and artistic references of earrings dating back to early history. Earrings are worn by both men and women. In fact, the early evidence of earrings worn by men can be seen archeological evidence in ancient Persia. Read More »

Catholic Rings Are Regal


There are many religions in the world. It could be the case that the religions that we are most familiar with are Christianity and Judaism. This is probably due to the fact that both religions have symbols that most people recognize often in books and on television, These Jewish and Christian symbols can be and are recognized by people who practice the opposite religion. In other words, Jews recognize crosses and rosary beads. In addition, Christians recognize a Star of David or a menorah. People who enjoy religion might wish to express this by wearing a piece of religious jewelry. It could be the case that the most pieces of jewelry are earrings and rings. Therefore, people who desire to express their religious beliefs though jewelry then, they might wear Catholic rings. This is because Catholic rings are regal.

Catholic Rings

What do people think of when they think of the Catholic religion? Well, it is possible that they think about Jesus, crosses, rosary beads, and fish on Fridays. In addition, sometimes, fish and sand dollars are symbols of the Catholic religion. Therefore these Christian symbols are the subject of Catholic rings. Let’s discus the rosary which is part of rosary beads.

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History of Anklets


Most people think that the anklet is a modern jewelry trend. This is not the case—anklets have existed for hundreds of years and in cultures beyond modern times. Anklets exist in various countries across the world and have for a long time. To some cultures, anklets may be a standard piece of fashion while in others it may have symbolic meanings or cultural ties.

JewelryKeyWest Anklets

In modern times, women of Western Civilizations can be found sporting anklets casually and in a variety of styles. Usually, these anklets are adorned with some form of decoration and gemstone or charm.

Asiana Boutique Anklets

They can be made cheaply from metals, plastic, or other materials, or can be an expensive and elaborate design made with gold or precious stones. For the most part, women of Western Civilizations wear anklets as a fashionable accessory and have only started doing so in modern times.

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Fashion Hoop Earrings are Coming Back in Style


Good news for the fashionistas among us who love hoop earrings. Fashion hoop earrings are starting to show up on ears all around the world. There is something very exotic about hoop earrings which may be contributing to their rise is the fashion scene. Another reason may be because Bollywood has been making it mark on the movie scene and many Indian actresses sport hoop earrings. If you have wanted to try out a pair for yourself, then there is not time like the present to go shopping for the best pair that fits your wardrobe and your style.

Fashion Hoop Earrings

Fashion hoop earrings can be as subtle or as flamboyant as you want them to be. They come in a host of different sizes, colors, and styles. There are hoop earrings which are small and delicate. They cup the ear and add subtle class to your outfit. If you are a person with a soft classic style, then these types of earrings are for you. Other hoop earrings are loud and proud as they say. They are created in outrageous colors and flashy patterns and are designed to get noticed on their own. If you are a person who loves attention, then you will want to look at buying a pair of these.

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Native American Beaded Bracelets – Trendy Bracelet Styles


As the bohemian trend has swept the world in the past decade, this has also made Native American jewelry, an old staple of style, more fashionable than ever before. While you might not feel comfortable rocking a full headdress and moccasins, you can still add some native accents to your wardrobe with the addition of jewelry, such as Native American beaded bracelets or necklaces. The necklaces might be accented with feathers, spirit animal beads, or other aspects of Native American culture that lets you celebrate their heritage while looking your best.

American Beaded Jewelry

To find the best deals and widest variety of different Native America beaded bracelets, a good place to start looking would be online. Many boutiques sell bracelets that are made in this style, utilizing turquoise beads or natural materials such as wood and clay. These look both rugged and fashion forward at the same time, adding a new dimension to your sense of personal style. It can be a good learning experience to find out more about where your beaded bracelets come from, and which tribe’s work they are indicative of. When you buy bracelets from the Southwest region of the United States, for example, you may see different types of patterns than you would when you buy them from the Midwest.

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Men’s Celtic Rings – Strong and Popular Options


When it comes to jewelry, one of the most popular is the Celtic style of jewelry.  This is also true for men’s Celtic rings.  These rings are considered to be among the most popular men’s rings.  The history behind most Celtic jewelry is that of strength and tradition like no other.  This is something that is admired by most men.  In addition, the amazing detail and workmanship behind the Celtic style of jewelry is something respected by anyone who has a love of jewelry. The craftsmanship and time put in to create these pieces is incredible.

Silver Celtic Rings

Men’s Celtic rings are often used as wedding bands.  The rings typically come in either gold or silver and can be extremely simple or very detailed.  Some love the Celtic knots and use those over the ring showing excellent detail and beautiful design.  Others prefer something more simplistic such as one simple smooth band.

Tungsten Celtic Wedding Band

Whatever the style preferred the Celtic style of rings offer a strong and historical ring dating back thousands of years worn by warriors throughout villages.  There is nothing that compares to the strength of these rings and the rich history that comes with them.

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Platinum Fine Jewelry is Valuable


Did you know that jewelry is a part of the fashion industry? Yes, jewelry is a vital part of the fashion industry. In fact, jewelry is an essential fashion accessory. Moreover, jewelry can make or break an outfit. Therefore, it is important to remember that it is critical to wear the right piece of jewelry with every outfit. There are many types of jewelry to help accessorize all kinds of outfits. There is nice costume jewelry and there is sterling sliver jewelry. Plus, there is gold jewelry. However, most jewelry experts agree that platinum jewelry is the cream of the jewelry crop. Therefore, it is safe to assume that fine platinum jewelry is valuable.

Platinum Hoop Earrings

Jewelry is beautiful and elegant. Moreover, jewelry can and does show people’s creativity and personality. In fact, we seem to wear different jewelry to match how we are feeling on a daily basis. We might wear costume jewelry when we want to illustrate our playful side. We might wear a celestial ring, necklace, and earrings to celebrate a love for astronomy. In addition, we might choose to wear a black and white leopard print jewelry suite to illustrate both elegance and a wild side to our personality. On the other hand, we might wear silver jewelry to appear cool and icy. In other words, silver jewelry exudes a cool confidence with a hint of sexy.

Platinum Bridal Set

In short sliver jewelry equals sexy jewelry.Moreover, it is often the case that people wear silver jewelry in place of platinum jewelry. This is because platinum jewelry is very expensive. Silver jewelry is great substitute for platinum jewelry because it is far less expensive than platinum jewelry. It is possible to label silver jewelry as the poor man’s platinum jewelry. In addition, silver is the safer jewelry to wear when traveling. Silver jewelry has value and is beautiful Platinum is a precious metal that is used to create many wedding rings. Wedding rings are a premium jewelry investment. Therefore, platinum fine jewelry is a valuable investment.

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