Flip-Flop Jewelry – Charming Sandals

Flip-flop charms are supposed to prove lucky to the one who possesses it. They are found in the most inconceivable shape for jewelry: sandal shape. The charms are worn mostly in the shapes of pendants. The sandal shaped flip flop charms also come in the shapes of a buckled shoe or heel shoe. The charms are made in various sizes. They give a jazzy look to an evening outfit and add to the funky look of a casual wear. They are made of many types of metals. Enameled flip-flop charm pendants, two-toned ones and pendants with gemstones in them have become immensely popular.

Green Enameled Flower Flip Flop Charm

Believed to bring good luck, flip-flop charms are both stylish and mystical. Flip-flop charms are available in an array of shapes and sizes. The charm that resembles a sandal is poplar among young women all over the world. Flip- flop charms are crafted by craftsmen around the world to suit the popular taste. Though the charm is in the shape of a sandal, jewelers have made innovations in the design and have forged many variants of the shape that are feminine and attractive.

Yellow Gold Double Flip Flop Pendant

Flip-flop charms are charming on any woman. They come in the form of pendants and are extremely popular for their unique and unusual design. Flip-flop charms have an unusual design but the craftsmanship of jewelers around the world has endowed it with an exotic look that is undeniable. The design of the flip-flop charm or the pendant is complex and intricate. They come in a variety of sizes that suit the style sense of the people and shapes like heel shoe, buckled shoe, etc. that add to the style quotient of the design.

Flip-flop charm pendants look like fancy jewelry owing to their shape. They are delicate and beautiful when worn with a casual wear. It can also accessorize trendy outfits. The range of colors and patterns that are etched in the sandal shaped patterned charms are numerous. The charm is available in plain white gold, yellow gold and platinum commonly. The charms shape is not always static, trendy sandals may substitute the ordinary sandals that are worn usually.

Yellow Gold Enameled Flowers Flip Flop Pendant

The heel shoe shaped charm can enhance the look of a trendy wear. The buckled shoe pattern can give a funky look to the one who wears it. Normally sandal shaped charm does not sync with vintage and classy apparel but for the ones who wish to set their own style, wearing the charm with a classy ensemble can define their style.

White Gold Enameled Hearts Flip Flop Pendant

The charm is made of white gold and yellow gold. Flip-flop charms made of 14k yellow gold with enameled patterns in them can be charming with it vibrant display of colors. The charms are also studded with diamonds and CZ stones of different colors. The emerging trend is to embed the birthstones in the charms. Two-toned charms made of white and yellow gold and charms made of plain platinum metals are very popular. Flip-flop charms that display a range of colors of one or two colors in them have become popular for their beauty. Platinum charms also have hint of one or two colors to enhance its beauty. These charms can be worn in a plain gold chain or a platinum chain. Wearing platinum pendants or charms with gold chain can look different. Flip-flop charms are different and this adds to the style sported by anybody.


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    OMG, I love this jewelry! If the economy wasn’t killing me right now, I would buy every single piece! I just got done selling all of my own old jewelry on an online site. It is time to re-stock!

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