Native American Beaded Bracelets – Trendy Bracelet Styles

As the bohemian trend has swept the world in the past decade, this has also made Native American jewelry, an old staple of style, more fashionable than ever before. While you might not feel comfortable rocking a full headdress and moccasins, you can still add some native accents to your wardrobe with the addition of jewelry, such as Native American beaded bracelets or necklaces. The necklaces might be accented with feathers, spirit animal beads, or other aspects of Native American culture that lets you celebrate their heritage while looking your best.

American Beaded Jewelry

To find the best deals and widest variety of different Native America beaded bracelets, a good place to start looking would be online. Many boutiques sell bracelets that are made in this style, utilizing turquoise beads or natural materials such as wood and clay. These look both rugged and fashion forward at the same time, adding a new dimension to your sense of personal style. It can be a good learning experience to find out more about where your beaded bracelets come from, and which tribe’s work they are indicative of. When you buy bracelets from the Southwest region of the United States, for example, you may see different types of patterns than you would when you buy them from the Midwest.

Beaded leather is a staple of Native American beaded bracelets as well as other styles that utilize this type of theme. With these types of bracelets, the beads are sewn directly onto a leather backing, in a cuff shape. This may be a solid band, or it could also have clasps or leather ties to hold it in place. When you are wearing beaded bracelets, it’s best to pair them with a simple type of shirt, so that the bracelet takes center stage in your outfit. This will help give it more importance and drama.

American Beaded Bracelets

Long strands of beads are also indicative of typical Native American beaded bracelets. These can be looped around the wrist, or may be seen as necklaces. With this type of looped and beaded bracelet, the artist that has crafted it is able to incorporate a wide range of different beads into their work. Sometimes this tells a story, or the design may be purely for aesthetic purposes. The beads are usually constructed from plastic, but may also include natural materials such as bone and stone, for a more multifaceted look and feel to the finished work.


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