How To Make Italian Catholic Jewelry


For years upon years, the symbolic meaning behind jewelry has been evident throughout the world. Jewelry has been worn and used to express various things from emotions to religion. Among some of the most popular types of religious jewelry is what is known as Italian Catholic jewelry. Italian Catholic jewelry is meant to express one’s cultural and religious beliefs through the artistic displaying of fine jewelry. Anyone can make this type of jewelry. In fact, it can be turned into an exciting and fun filled hobby that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Men, women and children of all ages can find sheer satisfaction in the jewelry making process.

For centuries, men and women have expressed themselves creatively and spiritually through jewelry. Jewelry is collected for various reasons, among many of which include religious purposes. Expressing one’s religion through jewelry is fairly common throughout the world and is known to be distinctively tasteful.

Italian Catholic Jewelry

From gorgeous necklaces with crosses or crucifixes to rosaries and bracelets, the possibilities are endless when it comes to Italian Catholic Jewelry. To understand the meaning behind such pieces of jewelry, one must familiarize themselves with the Catholic religion. There is a lot of significance behind each piece of jewelry that is created. Many people may choose to purchase jewelry that has already been crafted and distributed in stores. However, part of the significance of jewelry comes in making it. Thus, many individuals find satisfaction and utter joy in creating their very own hand crafted Italian Catholic jewelry.

Jewelry making is an exciting and fascinating activity that can be loved and enjoyed by members of the entire family. What could be better than gathering the family together for a fun filled day of religious jewelry making. Even the smallest of children can participate with the assistance and supervision of their elders, making jewelry making the perfect activity for you and your loved ones.

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Zodiac Pendants and their benefits


Zodiac Pendants are made for each zodiac sign. These Zodiac Jewelry are usually made for the 12 sun signs of the zodiac order. The Zodiac Pendants represent not only the person’s zodiac but is also supposed to help the person in attaining better luck and fortune. They can be tailor made or bought ready as per the persons needs. These pendants work as lucky charms and are supposed to bring better fortune to the bearer. These are also easily available in various forms, shapes, sizes and styles. The many effects of these pendant and benefits vary from person to person.

Pisces Zodiac Pendant

There are twelve zodiac signs namely Capricorn, Pisces, Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Taurus, Scorpio, Libra, Sagittarius, Virgo, Cancer and Leo, not in the exact order though. The zodiac pendants are available in various kinds. They come in silver, gold, platinum and various other metals. It is said the Sun rules your essential personality, your ego and willpower.

Sagittarius Zodiac Pendant

The core of your potential, distinctiveness as an individual, who you are and what you are about all these factors are determined by the sun sign. The Sun Sign represents your focus, what you want in your life and also the determination to accomplish what you set out to do.

Leo Zodiac Pendant

Zodiac pendants can be worn according to the persons Zodiac (Rashi) according to his / her Star signs. Zodiac Pendants helps the bearer to boost his or her personality. They help to solve personal problems of the user. A popular zodiac pendant is the mixture of the five metals. These pendants have three main parts. The first is the symbol of the zodiac sign on the front side. The second part is the ruling planet of that zodiac and the third part is the ‘Yantra’ related to the ‘Mantra’. These are available in gold/ silver chains or in black/ red threads.

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Irish Patron Saint Jewelry


It’s March and there are many events that are associated with the merry month of March. People usually are dreaming and thinking about the upcoming season called spring. People might also think about chocolate bunnies and pastel eggs for Easter and parsley, roasted eggs, and the Seder Plate for Passover. Plus, baseball fans might start thinking about the start of baseball season.

White Gold Claddagh Locket

All of these events and holidays are good things to think about during March however the month of March is the month of wearing green, leprechauns, four leaf clovers, mint milkshakes, and corned beef and cabbage. This is because March is the month in which we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. In fact, everybody is Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day. Moreover, it might surprise people but there is Irish jewelry that people often wear to illustrate their love of Ireland even if they aren’t Irish.

14K Gold Celtic Green CZ Pendant

Both jewelry lovers and lovers of Ireland and all things Irish should know that patron saint jewelry is usually Irish. This is because the most famous patron saint is probably Saint Patrick from Ireland. It is also important to know that saint patron jewelry will bring people the luck of the Irish. Let’s look at some symbolic Irish jewelry that Saint Patrick would be proud to wear.

14K Gold Claddagh Ring

The Claddagh ring is a great Irish jewelry piece. Did you know that the Claddagh design dates back to 16th century Ireland? It was originally handcrafted by an Irish gold smith named Richard Joyce in the small fishing village of Claddagh. The beautiful and exquisite Irish symbol features two hands holding a crowned heart. Generally, the two hands symbolize friendship, the heart symbolizes love, and the crown symbolizes loyalty. It is very important to understand that the way that a Claddagh ring is worn indicates whether or not the wearer of the ring is available.

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The Appeal Of French Clip Earrings


French clip earrings are made for people with pierced and non-pierced ears alike. These classy earrings can add a touch of elegance to your outfit. They have a small screw that is fastened onto the back of the ear to hold them in place. They come in many styles. There are gold, silver, and many different gemstones and intricate designs to choose from in the styles of French clip earrings. Enjoy matching colors and shapes to your evening gown. They will make you look quite grand on the town or at home by the fire. Find your favorite color stone and make it a night to remember.

Blue Sapphire French Clip Earrings

There are no posts to deal with in French Clip earrings. They have a simple little screw in place to attach to the back of your ear to hold the French Clip earrings in place. Many people choose to wear them with gemstones or even their birthstones for decoration. Some have intricate patterns and some are just plain gold and silver hoops.

Pink Sapphire Lips French Clip Earrings

These French Clip earrings are also made with a special kind of clip that twists over the post for a more secure clip. Again, you don’t have to have pierced ears to wear these either. They are mostly gold and silver and can include gemstones of any kind.

Aqua Large Trimmed French Clip Earrings

French Clip earrings can run anywhere from $100 to $10000 depending on the style you are looking to buy. There are many different varieties to choose from that you can be assured to find one you will love. These special clip earrings can be worn for a date on the town or to the grocery store. They are truly versatile in their use. They will also add a touch of class and elegance to your dress for the evening.

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The Sea And Nautical Bracelets


There are some bracelets that seem to be a little bit more fun than others, and nautical bracelets just happen to be one of them. These fun loving bracelets are perfect for sea lovers who love everything that has to do with the beach and ocean. Nautical bracelets can range in price from being some of the most expensive jewelry you have ever seen to being some of the most affordable. No matter what kind of Nautical bracelets you choice to go with, you are sure to fall deeply in love with it. After all, this is a bracelet that is going to show what you love, and nothing is better than that.

Dangling Dolphin Bracelet

There are many places you can go to get lovely nautical bracelets, and there are many different styles you can choose from as well. No matter what kind of style of nautical bracelets you choose to go with you can bet that you find the best deals online. Sure you can waste your time looking around some of your local stores, but the fact of the matter remains that you find the best deals on the net. When you start looking online for nautical bracelets you should not buy the first one you find. Instead you should do a little searching around to make sure you find the best deal that money can buy. After all, you are not going to be very happy if you overpay for nautical bracelets. Sometimes stores claim to have to lowest prices just to get you to buy from them. However, you should not be one of those people that falls for their trap. If you do, then you could end up spending way too much money on their jewelry.

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Diamond Wedding Bands are Symbolic


There are many different and beautiful types of gemstones. Many people like the gemstone that corresponds to the birthday. People who were born in September like sapphires People who are born in February like amethysts. However, people who like the colors of blue and purple might also enjoy both sapphires and amethysts. In addition to those beautiful gemstones, whether you born in April or not diamonds are a very popular gemstone with both men and women. Diamonds are usually placed in diamond wedding bands around either a white or yellow gold setting. Diamond wedding bands are symbolic of love.

Diamond Wedding Band

There are many different and beautiful types of gemstones that people can and do drool over and admire from time to time. It seems like many women sometimes fantasize about being draped and dripping with millions of gemstones from gemstones rings and gemstone earrings to gemstone bracelets and gemstone pins. People seem to like the gemstone that corresponds to their birthday month. People who have a September birthday like sapphires and people who have February birthdays like amethysts. However, people who like the color blue or the color purple might like to own either sapphire or amethyst jewelry. In addition to both sapphires and amethysts being on the list of beautiful gemstones diamonds is another gemstone that both men and women can’t wait to get their hands on. This is because women like to wear diamonds in their diamond wedding bands and their engagement rings and some men like to wear diamond watches and diamond earrings. In fact, diamonds are thought to be the most valued of all gemstones. In fact, sometimes it seems as if women dream about dripping in diamonds and pearls. There is even a song talking about how diamonds are a girl’s best friend. It is also possible that diamond wedding bands could become a girl’s best friend after she gets married to the love of her life, her husband. Did you know that diamonds were believed to be first located and mined in India? Therefore, if that is true then, it is possible that the first pair of diamond wedding bands were created and designed in India.

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Flip-Flop Jewelry – Charming Sandals


Flip-flop charms are supposed to prove lucky to the one who possesses it. They are found in the most inconceivable shape for jewelry: sandal shape. The charms are worn mostly in the shapes of pendants. The sandal shaped flip flop charms also come in the shapes of a buckled shoe or heel shoe. The charms are made in various sizes. They give a jazzy look to an evening outfit and add to the funky look of a casual wear. They are made of many types of metals. Enameled flip-flop charm pendants, two-toned ones and pendants with gemstones in them have become immensely popular.

Green Enameled Flower Flip Flop Charm

Believed to bring good luck, flip-flop charms are both stylish and mystical. Flip-flop charms are available in an array of shapes and sizes. The charm that resembles a sandal is poplar among young women all over the world. Flip- flop charms are crafted by craftsmen around the world to suit the popular taste. Though the charm is in the shape of a sandal, jewelers have made innovations in the design and have forged many variants of the shape that are feminine and attractive.

Yellow Gold Double Flip Flop Pendant

Flip-flop charms are charming on any woman. They come in the form of pendants and are extremely popular for their unique and unusual design. Flip-flop charms have an unusual design but the craftsmanship of jewelers around the world has endowed it with an exotic look that is undeniable. The design of the flip-flop charm or the pendant is complex and intricate. They come in a variety of sizes that suit the style sense of the people and shapes like heel shoe, buckled shoe, etc. that add to the style quotient of the design.

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Diamond Pendants – Forever Bewitching!


Radiant and brilliant, this rare gemstone is every woman’s dream. Diamonds are a part of all major occasions like engagement, weddings, etc. Any piece of jewelry studded with diamonds gives a demure and dainty look to any damsel. A diamond pendant that is obvious to the onlookers at the very first glimpse, adds grace and glamour to the owner. Diamond pendants are a great way of expressing love and they can be gifted on any special occasion. With the passing of the time the designs and patterns of diamond jewelry has changed with times. Vintage or modern, diamond is forever the stylish gemstone.

Black Diamond Pendant

Diamonds are the precious gems that are forever the dream and desire of any woman in the world. For the younger generation diamond is their ultimate fantasy and for the graying spirits, diamonds can rekindle the youth and passion in them. Such is the magic of the stone, diamond. Diamond pendants can be dainty and they can be flaunted mercilessly by the proud owners much to the dismay of others, who are just the onlookers.

Diamond rings are inextricably linked with marriage proposals around the globe. Diamond pendants, rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc, can be beautiful presents for momentous occasions in life. Diamond jewelry is available in an assortment of varieties and prices in the market, today. Diamond pendants can constitute versatile gifts on any occasion. While choosing a diamond pendant, the cut, clarity, color and carat of the stone that is set in the pendant has to be examined closely, before buying it. Diamonds are to be carefully bought from the sellers and a few bad cuts can destroy the appearance of a diamond, drastically.

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