Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry

Everyone appreciates a gift of sterling silver and because of its relatively low price sterling silver is a very popular gift for people to give. Sterling silver jewelry is everywhere and people will usually rely on the beauty of sterling silver to help create a memorable and long lasting gift.

Silver CZ Ring

But what kinds of gifts can you sell using wholesale sterling silver jewelry and what kinds of skills will you need to cash in on this very popular gift item? The uses of wholesale sterling silver jewelry are many and the options to make a profit are high if you just know what the consumer really wants in their sterling silver jewelry.

Silver Faith Hope Love Necklace

Everyone has seen the stores and kiosks in the mall with people selling sterling silver jewelry. At some point it occurs to some people that if they could find a wholesale sterling silver jewelry supplier then they too could start selling sterling silver jewelry for a living. Going into business for yourself is everyone’s dream and if you find the right wholesale sterling silver jewelry supplier, and you can find an affordable location to set up shop where no one else is currently selling sterling silver jewelry, then you just may be able to go into business for yourself and become your own boss.

Silver Sea Shell Bracelet

But there is more to it than just finding the right wholesale sterling silver jewelry supplier. You also have to know what basic pieces of sterling silver jewelry are popular and what kinds of services and extras you need to offer in order to be successful. There are reasons why you see the same kiosk in the mall year after year selling sterling silver jewelry and that reason is that they are making a profit. Here is how they are doing it.

For a minimal investment in an engraving machine you can find yourself on your way to making a good living selling sterling silver pendants with customized messages and creating memories for people. The key to sterling silver pendants is to get them thin enough where they are cost effective but yet you can still engrave safely on them. You also need to make sure you get a wide assortment of pendants that have plenty of room to engrave on them. People are not going to buy your pendants if they do not see anyplace to put a message on them.

Silver Fleur de Lis Necklace

Usually there is an engrave picture or image on the front of the pendant and then the back is left wide open for engraving. This is done on purpose. If you know someone that loves cats then get them a cat pendant with an engraved image of a cat on the front and then maybe their cat’s name on the back or anything that will make the pendant a keepsake. Many sterling silver retailers make a nice living selling engraved pendants and if you have the right wholesaler then you can charge a price that is fair but gives you a nice profit.

Silver Filigree Ring

Other sterling silver jewelry that sells well, and people like having engraved, are earrings and rings. Sterling silver is known for the ability to engrave a personal message on it and anything you can get to offer through a wholesale sterling silver distributor will be a hit as long as it shines in the light and can have a personal message engraved on it.



  1. Andrew Olsen
    Posted October 18, 2009 at 6:45 pm |

    How much does the silver filigree ring cost? thanks, andrew.

  2. Kasia
    Posted May 2, 2010 at 2:33 pm |

    Hi i used to own the faith, hope, love necklace and i t was my absolute favorite. I unfortunately left it overseas after a holiday and have never seen it since.

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